Joe Aiello
Joe Aiello

Favorite Movement: A well executed snatch lets you know that God loves you and wants you to be happy.

Least-Favorite Movement: Push Jerks...

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Glen

Least-Favorite CrossFit WOD: Karen

Favorite Meal/Food: Breakfast food ANY time of the day

Favorite Movie: Too many to choose

Favorite Workout Song: Lately it's EDM, but soft spot for 90's hip-hop

Favorite Quote: "Do what you have to so that one day you can do what you want to." -My dad


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

B.A. in English Literature

Chief Athletic Officer & Head Coach

Joe Aiello

About Joe

I have been an athlete my whole life, participating in almost every sport available to me from soccer, baseball and football as a child to more than 10 years of rugby throughout high school, college and men’s-league. When I found CrossFit in 2010, I realized it was the culmination of almost 20 years of athletic endeavors and I instantly fell in love. In January of 2013 I received my CF-L1 and began coaching. Since that time I have amassed 10 years and over 12,000 hours of group/team coaching and personal training experience, gone onto receive my CF-L2 certification and was involved with research and development of industry-leading tech designed to help athletes train harder and recover faster.

When coaching, I take a very common-sense approach towards movement, scaling options, injury prevention and athlete recovery. I like to work hard and stay focused when in the gym, but I also keep my classes laid-back and fun. Don’t be surprised if I randomly break out in dance or spend an entire class quoting movies while coaching.  I believe that everyone can better themselves in all aspects of life through thorough and well-planned athletic training. I've trained every type of individual, from pregnant mothers to professional athletes, and it's my mission to make it clear that ANYONE can be an athlete.

Joe's Family

Daughter: Sophia Aiello